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what are bird spikes


Bird spikes are sharp like roost modifications that are installed in common bird landing areas and surfaces. These surfaces include window seals chimneys, rooftop edges or any other pest bird roosting so as to prevent birds from landing on the property and cause harm. This is an assured method of preventing pest birds from landing on areas they are not supposed to.They are a useful part of bird control.

Why is there need to control birds using bird spikes?

Bird spikes are c

ommonly used during bird control. These birds are harmful in a number of ways such as

  • Spread of birds diseases: Birds carry more than 60 transmittable diseases and hence the need to prevent these diseases.

  • Cost of maintenance: Pest birds cost businesses huge amount of money in clean up expenses and repairs. The need to minimize the risk cannot be underestimated.

  • Liability: Birds dropping can render surfaces slippery and cause harm in any case a person slides accidentally and fells off. There is hence the need to keep them off.

Ideal places to use bird spikes include

  • In beams and girders

  • In HVAC installations

  • In rooftops and parapets

  • In edges and windowsills

  • In porches, awnings doors and entryways.

It’s necessary to choose the correct bird spike for your own application to enjoy the best service and efficiency in keeping birds away.

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